Recommended Links

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One of our regular venues. Lovely place and a perfect wedding venue.
I''ve worked with Marie at Elite flowers over the past couple of years at her Wedding Fayres. A great turn out and an exceptional service.
One of our regular venues. We run a quiz night in Harry''s Bar at the Glynhill on a Sunday. Another great wedding venue.
Well...this is where it all began really. I''ve worked for Mr. P for years and still he keeps a great pub. Great pub, great grub and the best in entertainment.
Paisley Hair & Nail Salon. A great team who cater for wedding parties and the like. Check their BEBO site here.
One of many photographers I''ve met whilst working through the wedding season. Check out James'' website for further details if you''re looking for a professional photographer to capture those magic moments.
A great venue we''ve done alot of work at.
One of our regular venues. We do a quiz night here on a Wednesday. Lots of fun with a fabulous crowd.