Everyone loves karaoke...don't they? Don't they?!?!?!?

Karaoke nights are great fun and can help make a night. They're (understandably) not for everyone but there's always the hidden gem in the crowd who can come up and belt out a good Shania or Robbie tune!

Karaoke nights can be provided for any occasion too. These are provided with a disco and can also incorporate the VJ'ing side of things as well. Karaoke systems are hooked up to television screens and if you are a pub with a big screen, we can hook up to that as well.

A wide variety of karaoke songs ensures that there's something for everyone to sing. We also subscribe to the monthly releases from the big karaoke suppliers to ensure that our karaoke libraries are constantly up to date. Anything we don't have can be provided to regular customers the next time we are there.

If there's a struggle to get the karaoke going, your DJ will sing a few numbers to ease the crowd a bit, so at least there will be something going on.

If you'd like to book a karaoke night, either privately or commercially, please contact Chris on 0141-887-4769 or 07990-868298 or email chris@hustlerdiscos.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.