Quiz Nights...


In October 2010, we launched a new format quiz, which offers a great progressive jackpot prize fund!!!

The new quiz consists of four main rounds of 10 questions: General Knowledge, TV & Films, "Trivial Pursuit" and the Mixed Bag. Into the mix we've added the classics - Guess The Movie, Famous Voices, Bits & Pieces and Pictures. It all adds up to a competitive but fun quiz night.

The usual stuff, really, but with a twist. We've incorporate a "Trivial Pursuit" themed round. This round is aimed at the lowest scoring team at the halfway point of the quiz. They choose which round they'd like to play in a bid to score some extra points...and we all know what points make, don't we?

That's right. The lowest scoring team at the halfway point of the quiz choose their favourite Trivial Pursuit category. Ten questions on either Geography, Entertainment, History, Art & Literature, Science & Nature or Sport & Leisure. All teams play the same round. That way, the lowest scoring team is still in with a fighting chance of winning after all.

The quiz is £1 per person to play. All the money gets pulled and goes into the prize fund. The venue pays a cash prize which goes to the winning team....OR...

Open the box!!! Take the money!!!

Yes, the winning team can take the basic cash prize from the venue OR they can gamble the basic prize for everything. That means the basic prize PLUS all the entry money that has been taken that night!!!

How does it work?

Well, say 30 people turn up on the night to play the quiz. Entry money = £30

Venue Prize = £25

Total prize fund on the 1st night = £55

The winning team at the end of the quiz can either take the venue prize or choose to gamble for the entire prize pot (note - the winning team ALWAYS have a choice). They choose one of 4 boxes which has a guaranteed prize in it - either a booby prize, £5, £10 or the JACKPOT. Whatever they win, they get to keep!!! If the win the jackpot, we start from scratch the following week. If they win £10, they take £10 and the balance is rolled over to the following week...which means that the potential prize fund could be VERY substantial!!! Conditions apply though...if you are a regular team you are eligible to win the full jackpot. If a new team comes along, they can play for THAT NIGHT'S MONEY. On the second week, they can play for two week's money and so on and so forth. The point is that there's always a fairly hefty prize up for grabs, by whoever wins!

We've also recently introduced a big screen version of the classic 'Play Your Cards Right' game, where the winning team play against the cards. They guess higher or lower all the way and if they guess correctly, they take the entire jackpot!!! If not, however, it rolls on to the next week. This can create a very substantial jackpot indeed.

We have also now introduced a big screen version of the classic game PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT which can be used instead of the boxes. This method is being used at the Gabriels and Hamishes Hoose quiz nights.

So come along and enjoy the fun. Get to the pub for some BIG CASH PRIZES!!!

Sunday - Gabriels, 33 Gauze Street, Paisley (8:30pm) & Harry's Bar, Glynhill Hotel, Renfrew (9pm)

Monday - Hamishes Hoose, High Street, Paisley (8:30pm)

Wednesday - Bowfield Hotel & Country Club, Howwood (8:30pm)

Quizzes are compiled on a weekly basis so there's always something fresh to get the grey matter going!

All the quiz nights are open to everyone and we are always looking for new teams to join and really make the night. We have various regular quiz nights as you can see. We can also provide themed quizzes, or 'one-off' quiz nights if you're looking to introduce something different to your venue. 

If you would like to arrange a quiz night, either privately or commercially, please contact Chris on 0141-887-4769 or 07990-868298 for details. Alternatively you can email chris@hustlerdiscos.com. All details...such as quiz format and prize format will be discussed and confirmed with the venue during a meeting.

We look forward to hearing from you.