Discos can be provided for any occasion. Distance is not an object, but please contact me for details.

Most of our work is in private functions, but we do have a few places where we provide discos on a regular basis - Hamishes Hoose, Paisley; Thorn Inn, Johnstone; Trust Inn, Kilbarchan and Bowfield Hotel & Country Club, Howwood & The Glynhill Hotel, Paisley to name but a few.

Prices. Everybody always asks about prices, and we all say the same thing. It depends on what type of function you''re having, when it is, where it is, etc etc etc. The best thing to do is to contact us with all your details and we''ll organise a price.

To secure a booking, a deposit is generally payable, with the balance payable on the night of your function. If you have special requirements, please confirm these when booking and we''ll work with you to help you out.

What do we cater for? Well, all types of function are covered. Kid''s parties, any birthday party (highest so far was for a 100 year old!), any social events, private or commercial, inside/outside shows can be arranged. If there''s anything you can have a party to, we can put a disco to it!

Equipment: We use high quality equipment which gives a crisp, clear sound played at a reasonable volume considering the size of your venue. If it''s too loud, let us know...or if you want it louder, feel free to let us know about that too!

What we play: Well, unless you are having a specific type of night, you''ll generally get a big mix of music. Something for everyone to suit all ages...ranging from the rock and roll of the fifties right up to the latest club and chart hits.

What we provide: People often ask if we have lights. Yes, all lights and sound systems will be provided for your party, and will be sufficient for your venue size and function type. All you have to do is have a good night!

Do you do anything else? Well, a new craze these days is video dj''ing (VJ''ing). It''s perhaps not really in big demand at private functions but in pubs/clubs it can be a great addition to the show. Not only do you hear the song being played, you also see the song on your big screen TV or projector. Perhaps you have a slideshow you''d like to present? Simple, pass the pictures on a memory stick or cd to your DJ and this can be arranged. We can also take photos on the night and have them displayed on your big screen, which is also a nice touch for your guests or customers. Please make sure you confirm these details when booking though!!!

Can we come and see you? I''m sure you can imagine that it''s not very easy to take a stranger into a function, but if you would like to come and see us, please let us know we will do our best to find somewhere that you can come and listen to/meet the DJ.

Whatever your requirements, phone and let us know. You have nothing to lose and if we can help, we will!

If you''d like to to book a disco, phone Chris on 0141-887-4769 or 07990-868298 or email chris@hustlerdiscos.com

We look forward to hearing from you.


ABBA night at Hamishes...gotta love the bar staff!!! Great night!