PAT Testing

As of November 2009, Hutler Discos are fully qualified to carry out PAT Testing on electrical appliances (see certificate below).

All equipment used/provided by Hustler Discos is now PAT Tested on a regular basis. Any faults found are rectified and the equipment tested again to ensure that all our electrical equipment is safe for use.

If you book a venue and you hear the phrase ''PAT Test'' from the manager, you can rest assured that all our equipment has been fully tested and has passed the PAT Test within the last 12 months. If there are specific requirements from a venue on a PAT Test basis, please get in touch.

Do YOU need something PAT Tested?

If you are a small business or organisation and need something PAT Tested, please get in touch...we''re only too happy to help!

We can arrange to come and visit you or for you to come to us with your equipment.

Testing prices generally vary depending on how many items you would like tested. If you need lots of items tested, this tends to be cheaper but in general PAT testing is not expensive. All prices quoted include the full PAT test and all paperwork. Small repairs (such as rewiring plugs and replacing fuses, etc) will be discussed with you before being carried out and added to your final bill. Again, this is generally not expensive but does depend on the work involved. Please note that you should allow approximately 5 to 10 minutes of time for each piece of equipment which is being tested. So, if you need 6 appliances tested, it may take up to an hour to complete the testing, and so on.

Please also note, however, that we ARE NOT electricians. We are qualified to carry out the PAT test and qualified to PASS or FAIL the appliance in question. We are not qualified to repair damaged equipment (although we can of course change a plug if need be!!!).

Any small repairs, such as plug rewiring/replacement and fuse replacement will be discussed with you before being carried out.

When the PAT test is complete, a label will be attached to the appliance (usually the plug) indicating whether or not the appliance has passed or failed the test. If it passes, you are free to continue using the appliance and keep it safe for others to use, i.e. make sure you get it tested as often as required. If it fails, it has failed because it has been deemed unsafe for use*.

Failed appliances should either be repaired by a qualified party (i.e a qualified electrician or the appliance manufacturer) or removed from use and disposed of safely.

A report will be produced detailing the test results of each appliance which has been tested. This should be kept for future reference. We will also keep an electronic record of all tests completed for seven years.

In any case, PAT Testing can only be done by appointment. PLEASE PHONE AHEAD IF YOU NEED SOMETHING TESTED!

If you have any questions about PAT testing, or, for a free, no obligation quote, please get in touch. The phone number is 0141-887-4769 or 07990-868298 or you can email

We're only too happy to help if we can!



*  Appliances which fail the PAT Test or those deemed ''Unsafe For Use'' are done so using strict guidelines and procedures carried out during the test. They are not ''just failed'' because we think they''re unsafe!!!